"Her songs are beautifully crafted, sometimes bittersweet and sometimes hopeful, but ever easy and melodic with soulful and savvy lyrics" - Chicago Tribune  


 New album  "Balanced on the Rail" 

Produced by Malcolm Burn, Stephen Sherrard and Jill Cohn

Now Available!



 "Cohn plays songs from her latest album, Beautiful I Love You, her first in nearly five years. Much of the album is composed of bittersweet ballads (with a few toe-tappers interspersed) about trails leading west from Carolina, good and bad times on the road, and, naturally, the elusiveness of true love. The twangy “John Denver’s Ghost” is a charming highlight. The song chronicles Cohn’s imagined relationship with her spectral boyfriend: he’s only there when she wants him to be, doesn’t leave crumbs in the bed, and “never plays around with my head.” Cohn’s breathy register is a natural complement to the soft and slow instrumentals. It’s the kind of music that goes well with a late-afternoon margarita — unobtrusive and ambient — though those who pay attention to Cohn’s lyrics will be rewarded with clever, introspective turns of phrase." - Santa Fe New Mexican Pasa Tiempo


"This is soft but not too soft music that is gorgeously wrought. Cohn has a lovely voice and puts it to good use on this album. The sound is smooth and the songs strong enough to warrant interest. "West from Carolina" is a beautiful song, Cohn's voice at its finest and a strong tune to support it. "John Denver's Ghost" is a heartfelt tribute with a countrified sound that works well. "Story of love" closes the album on a good note, a hopeful song with a gorgeous vocal. It's a fine album." - Ectophiles Guide


 "Through this, her ninth CD, singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist Jill Cohn continues her musical journey to find the good stuff within the oft-harsh lessons of life and love. A poet with insights steeped in hope and faith, on “Beautiful I Love You” Cohn finds much humor in life’s difficulties but not in a Pollyanna sort of way by any means. Cohn’s expressions of her spirit are bittersweet and sometimes wry but always with so much realness that she can make you feel better if only by singing your pain. Rest assured: Cohn’s music will lift you up."- The Tacoma Weekly